Do You Like to See Someone Inflate?

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Your Someone who Wants to See if you love seeing someone grow bigger in size and would like to know if your into people swelling up like big swollen balloon!!

in This Quiz someone will be Growing and Testing You to see how much you Love it! Hope You Love Seeing other Swell up and Fill, Also Have an amazing day!~

Created by: Lucy

  1. Whats Your Gender?
  2. what gender would you like to see inflate?
  3. So, Your at the Park and You Meet This Person and Talk for a bit but then after a few hours later Their Body Starts to grow infront of u, What Do u do?
  4. Their Body Starts swelling up and You are Their To see it all Happen as they ask "Whats h-happening to me?" What do you do next?
  5. Their Body Keeps Swelling Bigger as their clothes are Getting Tight What Else Do You Do
  6. Their clothes are Very Tight now as their still swelling up saying "W-whats happening to me? and w-why does it feel so good?"
  7. They Swell Bigger and Bigger As Their Clothes Are Ripping and Their Moaning What do you do?
  8. After Awhile Their a Big Round Blueberry shaped Balloon all Puffed Up Full What Do You Do?
  9. They Ask: C-Can you roll me Home or Somewhere i Cant M-move!
  10. You start to roll them home, They say: I dont know what it is but i feel so good, thank you for being here im glad this happend to me~
  11. The End... Did You Like Your Experince With such a Big Person~ I Hope You Loved Seeing Them Swell Up But if not Your Not Really Here for This Quiz im Sure.

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Quiz topic: Do I Like to See Someone Inflate?

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