What type of dog person are you?

This quiz is to see what type of dog person you are. I quiz the attention and love for your dog and also size. It’s almost impossible to get right, so I’m sorry.

Enjoy my quiz and feel free to comment what you got and what your actual dog is, and if you don’t have a dog well.. idk, have fun anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Liv

  1. Do you like small or big dogs?
  2. Do you mind if your dog is on the couch with you?
  3. Do you take your dog on walks each day?
  4. Do you give your dog constant love?
  5. Is your dog fast?
  6. Is your dog introduced to everything? Ie. babies, other dogs, elderly, kids.
  7. Is your dog super cute?
  8. Can you teach your dog many tricks?
  9. What colour is your dog? The MAIN colour
  10. Does your dog cuddle you?❤

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Quiz topic: What type of dog person am I?