What type of fox are you?

This quiz will decide your color and facts of your fox.Remember, not all answers have to be true, if you don't agree, tell me in the chat. NICELY THO!

Also, I am trying to help raise awareness of foxes. THEY ARE NOT COATS PEOPLE! They have hearts and feelings like us, they are scared of us because they are smart enough to know that we are capable of things they are not capable of. The next time you see a wild fox, notice its beauty in the forest or wherever it is. Not on your body.

Created by: SharpFang013

  1. Where would your favorite spot be in the wild?
  2. Out of these colors, whats your favorite?
  3. OOH~! Favorite food?
  4. How do you like to sleep?
  5. Do foxes stay in packs? If you do not know, its okay.
  6. What size is your ears (Yes, weird question. But its useful.)
  7. Whats your favorite season?
  8. HAve you wished for a tail at all in your life?
  9. Have you tried hunting a fox.. BE TRUTHFUL
  10. How much did you like this quiz? Ready to find out your answers??

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Quiz topic: What type of fox am I?