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  • Your Alien Name
    Your Result: Draco/Dracia 89%

    Draco means you like to blend in with shadows, and that you're pretty quiet. You still like laughing when your friends (or yourself) do something insane (Like flying on a dragon.). You're brave, loyal, and just about everything (minus the cherry person, unless it's a pie war!) Dracia means the same thing, but it's for a girl, unlike Draco which is for a boy.

  • Ceorn I think: ) helloa earthings LOL

  • Lol the last question had my name in it! funny coincidence!

  • draco... which is cool cause it means dragon :)

    Jack Attack 1995
  • Wee, I love my test. But I really didn't expect to be Draco/Dracia because i'm always doing funny things like a Princie. Lol.


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