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    Please note that this quiz is meant for girls only!!! It should work on anyone, but……

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  • Your Wizard101 Name
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  • Are you FAT or WHAT?
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  • What Just Happened?
    "I kissed a soccer player "
  • What Just Happened?
    "It's just for fun! It's funny to see what you get. Like in the example: "I got eaten by my shoes" it's all just for fun."
  • What Just Happened?
    "Months~ January: I burped on February: I kissed March: I cheated on April: I married May: I went shopping"
  • I'm confused
    "Well, you are 11, so your body isn't fully mature yet. Therefore, kids your age don't really gain weight other than when they grow. And the ..."
  • "If you are a boy, your BMI is about 19.2, which is normal for your age (the range for a healthy weight would be 14.8 - 20.6) "
  • Things GTQ Should Add!
    "Who do you think you are godofminecraft56?! You have no right to come online and say things like that to people. You are a disgusting person..."
  • "Thanks Kish, I really like GTQ! It is a great site. It's already really fun, but I like the pictures in the questions option. I don't know a..."
  • Things GTQ Should Add!
    "No, it's not. Don't be so rude, please. Notice the subtitle of the category includes making suggestions. Btw, I don't appreciate people who ..."
  • "This is a forum advertising my other forum, "Things GTQ Should Add". It can be found in the Lounge, so go check it out! It is a forum I made..."
  • Things GTQ Should Add!
    "What should GTQ add? I think it needs to add a copy+paste option for images in quizzes. There should be an option to add an image to every q..."

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