Wizard101 Schools Quiz

How much do you know about the schools of magic in Wizard101? Would you ace your final exams or have to go to wizard summer school? Well, thanks to this awesome quiz, finding out is just a few clicks away!

This simple, easy quiz is the best way for you to brush up on your knowledge of magic, and see how mush of a true Wizard101 student you really are. Are you qualified to be the savior of the Spiral?

Created by: 1_Celestia_3

  1. How many schools of magic can be found in Ravenwood?
  2. Two of these schools do not have classrooms or trees. Which schools are they?
  3. What are Storm's school colors?
  4. What are Ice's school colors?
  5. What are Fire's school colors?
  6. What are Death's school colors?
  7. What are Myth's school colors?
  8. What are Life's school colors?
  9. What are Balance's school colors?
  10. What is Storm's gemstone?
  11. What is Ice's gemstone?
  12. What is Fire's gemstone?
  13. What is Death's gemstone?
  14. What is Myth's gemstone?
  15. What is Life's gemstone?
  16. What is Balance's gemstone?
  17. Who is the Storm teacher in Ravenwood?
  18. Who is the Ice teacher?
  19. Who is the Fire teacher?
  20. Who is the student filling in as the Death teacher?
  21. Who is the Myth teacher?
  22. Who is the Life teacher?
  23. Who is the Balance teacher?
  24. Which school has the most powerful attack?
  25. Which school has the most health?
  26. Which school has the highest accuracy?
  27. Who is the Storm tree?
  28. Who is the Ice tree?
  29. Who is the Fire tree?
  30. Who is the Death tree?
  31. Who is the Myth tree?
  32. Who is the Life tree?
  33. Who is the Balance tree?
  34. Who is the headmaster of Ravenwood?
  35. And finally, why did the former Death teacher, Malistaire Drake, become evil?

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