You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 5

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This is a awesome quiz man!!!! you really need to take my series! it's so AWESOME!!!! Right?? well anywayz........!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it! PEACE!

Why do we have these things?!?!? i dont like them! anywayz! take part one two three and four! cause if you didnt you cant take this one! I hope you enjoy!

Created by: pkiera75

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  1. OK! Recap! you get waked up by Kory you brushed your teeth and hair you find him still there and you wanted to ask him whats wrong but he cut you it?
  2. kissing you! he kisses you until you cant breathe! (vamp! member?) you pull back and he has a little laugh going on.. you ask him y he was laughing he says because, we finally kissed! you say "Oh.."
  3. "whats the matter ___?" "Oh..nothing Kory" "__?" "What Kory?" "did i do something?" "NO! of course you didnt! dont say that!" "Well you said oh like i did something wrong!" "Well, you didnt ok!!??!!" you get up and storm out the room leaving Kory sitting in the bed dumbfounded. you get to a big corridor door you go in and it opens to a HUGE indoor pool! "SWEET" you say low but out loud you decide to take a swim so you take your shirt. pants. shoes, and socks and everything else that you are now in your bra and cute lil short panties you jump into the pool and about 20 min later you hear Blake and Mike calling your name you ignore them and continue swimming until you see them come into the room they sigh in relief like they found somewhere safe of something.
  4. "What do YOUS want?" you say sarcastically "Ohh...someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning!" Mike said you ignore that because you just want some alone time you continue to swim laps and the two of them are just watching you swim. they then notice your clothes and ask "Your not wearing a bathing suit?" "Umm... NO i guess not!" "Whoa! take a chill pill miss missy your really in a bad mood arent ya?" Blake says "YEA! i guess i am! now can you just leave me ALONE!??!!!" you shout at them. "RAWR! Fine!" Mike says and they leave you to swimming laps again you feel someone staring at you and you look up at the doors and it's KORY! he looks pretty depressed so you wave him in and you ask "What's wrong Kory?" "Oh..ummm idk maybe it's the fact that you didnt tell me whats wrong and then you just storm out the room?" "Oh..that.." "YEA! please tell me whats wrong __.."
  5. OK! fine! i will!" you didnt get out of the pool tho and Kory notices and he takes his shirt off and jumps in the pool with you and gets next to you. "go on" he says "ok, well since i got here everyone started liking me and everyone started kissing me and that crap and then you kissed me and i just couldn't take it." you started getting really hyper at this point and Kory calms you by giving you a reassured look and you look at him and he smiles?
  6. "Why are you smiling?" "Oh....! no reason" and his smiles turns upside down "ok...well i catch you later?" you ask as you get out of the water. "Ummm....yea...sure...i guess so." he give you the smile which just makes you melt inside. YOu grab a towel dry of and take your clothes out with you. when you get outside the door you look back and Kory is doing laps now. you turn around and there stands Blake! "Holy fudge Blake you scared the shiz out of me! OMG!" he laughs a little then gets serious.."Yea..well ____you have to start training!" "YAY!!" you shout and it scared the crap out of Blake "HaHa! scared ya back" with a pleased expression and then you walk pass him and go to the living room (which you cant seem to find....) you walk through this beautiful arch way and you walk into the living/family room! you see Mike on the couch watching some whack job show and he obviously didnt no you were there so you cleared you throat and you see you SCARED him too!
  7. "___! i..umm..didnt see you there *cough* *cough* "You cant hide it! i scared you to hell! lol" "Haha! yea..whatever what did you want?" he asked sarcastically "Nuthin much. just came from the pool!" "yea, i see this" you look down at yourself and forgot your still in you bra and panties! "O my gosh! i totally forgot!" you say with embarrassment "Nah, it's cool" Mike says "Well, yea of course it's cool to you!" you yell while backing up to leave "imma go now..." and you run up the stairs to your room.
  8. you close the door behind you and lock it this time! you take a shower just to take the Clorox off of you, you put on your Pj's and fall asleep. you get awaken by banging at your door. you hear multiple voices so you get up freaking scared to death and open your door here it was the boys trying to open your door!!!! "What the hell are yous doing?!?!?!" "Oh..your ok ___! thank goodness!" Kory says "We thought something happen ___! you had us scared!" Josh through in "Well isn't this the week of scaring?" you ask sarcastically. "What?" [__] asked "Oh nothing personal joke" you say. yous get downstairs and explain to the boys why the door was locked and they sigh in relief
  9. your really hungry so you ask the boys if they have anything to eat "Duh! we have something to eat!" "Well sorry for asking! didnt think you ate human food!" "We dont" Blake said "Then why do you have food?" you ask "Because we have to at least act human and besides we got some because you came!" Mike explains they took you into the kitchen and the fridge was full and so were the cabinets "WOW! this is alot of food!" you exclaim "Yea, we kinda stocked up on it but we kinda eat some here and there its not like we cant eat it tho" Josh says "Yea! its like all the healthy food you eat, thats like junk food to us" [__] explains to you "Oh..." is all you manage to get out Kory makes you whatever you want and it was pretty good! (-me- well, he is the one can bake you know?) your really full so you sit on the couch and flip through the channels and the next thing you no your knocked out cold! (me- sleeping wise) you wake up still on the couch and its look at the clock its about 3pm so you were out for a good 3 hours!
  10. you walk through all these doors and you dont see anyone! "Where the heck are they?" you say under your breathe you go upstairs and you start opening doors you opened 2 already and when you open the third you walk in on Mike and he has the music on and he is reading a book? (me-o.O that is awkward!) you walk over to him and sit next to him on his bed. he still has his nose in his book, so you kiss him on the cheek to see if it'll get his attension but it doesnt you can see him blushing so you kiss him again and he finally looks at you with a smile that brings joy to your....insides! (me- yea....! your insides?) "What ya reading?" you ask em "Oh...! Twilight for like the hundredths time! :)" "Oh! i like those!" you reply with a grin "and what makes you like them?" he asks "The romance...." "Is that right?" "Yup!" and he leans in to kiss you! he kisses you with passion and backs away he smiles at you and puts the book down then he walks out....
  11. you walk out 2 minutes later and you walk in your room you lay on your bed and you think about the kiss then suddenly Josh and Kory come in and they scared you cause you didnt notice them! "hey __!" Kory almost shouts "It's time for you training" Josh states you nod and walk out with them to the backyard your already in comfy clothes so you didnt mind changing.
  12. "Josh is going to train you first. OK ___?" Kory says "Yea! sure!" Kory goes in and leaves you and Josh outside all by yourselves! "OK __! we are going to work on you invisibility first" "ok" "Now concentrate__, concentrate on being invisible." it goes dead silence and you concentrate on not being able to be seen you can feel power awaken and you feel it go loose you hear Josh say: "Great job __!" your eyes are still closed and you dont hear Josh anymore all you hear is Josh saying BOO! behind you and he scared the crap out of you! "How you'd do that?" "I have the power of orbing ____! so i just orbed behind you!" "Imma get you! you just wait and see!" you continue working on your invisibility and when yous were done you learned that you can hold it for a 15min! its now at least 10 or 11 at night so you decide to get a quick bite to eat and then go upstairs for a shower.
  13. your done your shower so you put on your Pj's and you go downstairs and the boys are playing some game on the Xbox360. so you sit down next to __ and you put your head on his arm you watch them for 10 to 15 minutes and then you give your round of kisses and go upstairs to bed. you have a pleasent dream and it's with ___ and you to are walking in the park having a romantic picnic, then you two go to the movies and are kissing the whole way through the movie you didnt even see it!
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!
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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 5