Yet Another Love Quiz.... Part 3

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Created by: satan and emos

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  1. When you wake up in the morning you find yourself next to Kade in his bed. You smile and kiss his nose so he wakes up. When he does wake up he hugs you and helps you out of bed. You both walk out to the kitchen, where there's a bowl and a box of cereal left for you two.
  2. When your done eating you go upstairs, looking for the others. When you walk into your room, you see a Golden Retriever asleep on your bed.
  3. You walk over to the Golden Retriever and pet it's head. When it wakes up it licks your face, then turns into Jason. "Did you get the cereal I left out for you?" he asks. You nod. Jason grins and carries you downstairs, calling for Aaron and Mason to wakeup. They come out of their rooms and follow the procession down the stairs and into the kitchen. "So, how was the date ___?" Aaron asks. You shrug and look at Kade, who blushes.
  4. Jason glares at Kade and puts you down on a chair. He leans in close to your ear,"Meet me here at five. Ok?" You grin and say,"Okay." Jason kisses you and walks back up to his room, probably to make the impossible decision of what-to-wear.
  5. The day goes by fast and it's four, so you go to your room and decide what you are going to wear.
  6. When you meet Jason downstairs by the chair, he grins, picks you up, and takes you right to his room. You wrap your hands around his neck as you go up the stairs. He sets you down on his bed and looks around his room. He closes the door, locks it, pulls the curtains closed and locks his closet door. You think,"Wow, safe enough?"
  7. You decide to stay and wait for Jason to come back. When he does he sits down next to you on his bed and immediatly starts to kiss your neck and jaw. You lie down and wrap your hands back around his neck, kissing his forehead.
  8. He gets on top of you and kisses the nape of your neck. (Do I have to go into details???)
  9. The rest is a cliffhanger, so yeah. Will you comment?
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