Yes and No part 3

Created by: OmegaWolf

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  1. Do you eat a lot, secretly
  2. Have you ever kissed or hugged your crush/boyfriend (if you have any) randomly, or in front of the class?
  3. Have you ever farted in a very quiet place, and that was the only thing everyone could hear?
  4. Have you ever closed the fridge door very slowly, and try to see if the light went off?
  5. Have you ever stolen something, and when your mum/dad asked where was it, you said "I DON'T KNOW!" Or blamed someone else?
  6. Have you ever spread a rumour about someone, because you hated them so much?
  7. Have you ever had a random moment, when you hear almost every girl has a crush on your boyfriend/crush?
  8. Do you like to eat out of date food?
  9. Do you use 'text talk' when your not texting? (Examples- OMG, LOL, B-DAY)
  10. Have you ever logged on a social network, and your crush is the only one offline (if you don't have a crush/social network, answer no)
  11. Have you ever stepped in dog poop, and someone saw?
  12. When you are in public, do you always eat very carefully, but when your at home you eat like a pig?
  13. When you drink juice or cola from a glass bottle, do you always act like your hard?
  14. Have you ever continued laughing, after everyone else stopped laughing 10 minutes ago?

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