Would you win the battle!?

It's a typical day. You go to school or work. The day goes perfectly normal but for a moment your alone, when a shady charachter enters the room. Next thing you know. You're fighting him.

Defeating him and getting some answers won't be an easy task. You'll have to use Quick wits and good judgement to make it out of this alive, so step right up and see if you're good enough...

Created by: Some dude
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  1. You're at school/work one day when suddenly a complete stranger barges in with a dagger, a pistol, and dark metal armor so you can't see who he is. What's your initial reaction?
  2. You can have one tool or item in this battle. What is it???
  3. He immediately tries to stab you with the dagger. This guy's serious. What do you do to start the fight?
  4. He begins to take out his shotgun. What Now!?
  5. You get a cheap hit on him and he's temporarily down. What will you do?
  6. He gets back up!!
  7. You begin to get wounded. You're tired, hungry, and thirsty.
  8. You knock him out. He's down.
  9. You take off the armor before leaving to get the cops. Who was this freak!?
  10. How will you look back on this in 1 year?

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