Which Captain America civil war charcter are you quiz

This quiz will determine your side and who you think is right and why you would support them in battle and why your fighting and who who you would fight along side in battle and who's viewpoint is correct and share your opinion below if you feel like it

Do you believe in Cap or Ironmans philosophy and who is right and why you like their viewpoint and what matches what you believe in and why their right planning and preparation or just fighting in battle to win reason or feeling logic or emotions powers or gadegts

Created by: Batman777

  1. Do you support freedom of superheroes or safety and control
  2. Do you support a Superhero registration act to serve the government
  3. Black panther or Spider man
  4. Why are you fighting
  5. Which is your weapon of choice
  6. Would you revel your indententy and surrender to the government to fight for them
  7. What your moto
  8. Powers or no powers
  9. Do superpoered heroes need to control themselves
  10. Batman or Superman

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