How well do you know the battle of Stalingrad?

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The battle of Stalingrad was a long difficult battle with high casualties of soldiers and civilians of the motherland and Germany, it left the city in ruins.

Do YOU yes you know about this battle? Do you think you are an expert? In just a few questions you can see if you know or not! So please comrade, take some time WITHOUT GOOGLE

Created by: Dimitri

  1. When did the battle of Stalingrad end?
  2. What did the soviets drink because they wanted to get drunk?
  3. When did the red army launch operation Uranus?
  4. How long did the battle last?
  5. Who won the battle?
  6. By mid November 1942 where DI the Germans have the red army?
  7. How did the battle end?
  8. Do you think you did well?
  9. How well did I do with this quiz?
  10. What did you think of the battle?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the battle of Stalingrad?