Would You Survive in the FAYZ?

A regular day. Just another six hours at school. Then? Poof. Everybody is gone. Teachers. Parents. Anybody over the age of fifteen. Phones, television, anything to get help. Just gone. The FAYZ. A perfect circle, twenty miles in diameter. Its center is the power plant. Its barrier is painful to the touch. And nobody can get out. Sam Temple, known as School Bus Sam, is confused. Astrid the Genius is afraid. Charles Merriman and the bullies reign supreme. And as they search for autistic Little Pete, their new world develops.

Some find themselves in terrible situations. Lana finds herself dying in a terrible car crash, bones shattered. Others take advantage of the newfound freedom. Albert finds a way to open the McDonald's to feed the children. And yet others become leaders.

Created by: Anna Fletcher
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If the FAYZ happened where would you get your food?
  2. What food do you eat?
  3. Hows you self defense, between 1 and 6? As 1 is really bad and 6 is really good?
  4. If the FAYZ happened what would be your first thought?
  5. Who in all of the series do you look up to? (choose the one containing the person)?
  6. If your under 15, how old are you.
  7. Would you team up with your enemy?
  8. Who's side are you on?
  9. Which gone books have you read?
  10. Are You a mommy's child?

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