Will you survive GONE series FAYZ?

Eh you are a guys in FAYZ and i don't want to write this so here goes, "you got the limo out front...ooo...have the styles every shoe every color, yeah

Being famous can be kinda fun, its being you no one ever discovers. who woulda thought that a girl like me, would ever be a superstaaar! you get the best

Created by: connor
  1. All the adults disappear and your at school. Everyone is choosing groups and loyalties. you.....
  2. A older kid is beating your group almost ot death with a bat because your leader wont surrender his food/medical supplies.
  3. You hear babies abandoned in their cribs, dying and a fire on your supply center for your group.
  4. You have room for one person in your 2 seater bicycle and a bully is coming to beat kids for their food.
  5. You find a surplus of weapons but a enemy group is comngi to kill you, so you can only grab the....
  6. Which character do you want to be like? (If haven't read book choose none and has no affect)
  7. You see yourself...
  8. FAYZ stands for....
  10. The FAYZ helps...

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Quiz topic: Will I survive GONE series FAYZ?