How well do you know the kids of the FAYZ?

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Are you a fan of the Gone series? There are many characters in the FAYZ - how well do you know them? Take this test and find out whether or not you are a true FAYZian!

Do you have true understanding of the complex kids inside the FAYZ? Take this quick and find out if you have what it takes to be called a true Gone fan!

Created by: Gone Fans

  1. What was Sam's nickname before the FAYZ?
  2. What is Astrid's brother's most common nickname?
  3. What causes the kids of the FAYZ to develop powers?
  4. What is Brianna's power?
  5. Of what kids does the "Human Crew" consist of?
  6. What is "Mother Mary"'s brother's name?
  7. Who is mainly responsible for providing for the kids in Post-FAYZ Perdido Beach?
  8. In the Gone Series, what character constantly deals with bulimia?
  9. In the FAYZ, who becomes Sam's right-hand man, and later Mayor?
  10. What is Sam's power?
  11. What kid has the power to cause others to see things that are not there?
  12. What is Sam's father's name?
  13. What is Sam's mother's name?
  14. What is Sam's age at the start of the FAYZ?
  15. What is Orc's real name?
  16. What kid can make themselves invisible?
  17. Who has the power to heal almost any injury, or sickness?
  18. Who is responsible for the creation of the FAYZ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the kids of the FAYZ?