The gone series quiz

The fayz, and amazing place full of amazing and intelligent people, but are you one of them? Are you ready to leave the fayz with Sam, all high and mighty, or are you not quite ready?

So why not find out? See what you know about the fayz, from gone to light. Are you an Astrid the genius, or computer jack? Or just another nobody? Your ready to enter the fayz...

Created by: Nina

  1. What does Diana measure power in?
  2. Who's baby is taken over by the gaiaphage?
  3. In the end, whose body is taken by little pete to kill the gaiaphage?
  4. Who was born first, Sam or Caine?
  5. Who fell in love with brianna?
  6. What was the name of Sam and Caines mum?
  7. The barrier finally comes down, but what does Sam need to do first?
  8. Who is shot by a misguided bullet in the final battle in pedro beach?
  9. Little pete falls do his death in plague. How?
  10. Before the fayz, would did Quinn and Sam enjoy doing together?
  11. How did people communicate once the barrier become see through?
  12. Who was the first person hurt by Sams killer light?
  13. But in the end, not everyone could survive. Who lost there life in the final battle of the fayz?

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