casualty(tv) series 23 -27

Casualty is a very long running medical drama series produced in the UK. This quiz focuses on series 23 up to the current series (27). This may make it ideal for slightly younger viewers but the older generation can also enjoy.

So think you are clued up on casualty? Think you know everything there is to know about it? Then test yourself with this all new casualty quiz and then see if you really do know everything casualty related.

Created by: Casualtyfan188
  1. Which series did Staff Nurse Jessica Harrison leave?
  2. What was Staff Nurse Clements first name?
  3. What was series 26 episode 1 entitled? This is the one where Jeff and Dixie first got introduced to 2 new paramedics.
  4. Who did Dixie have a feud with which eventually led to a patients death?
  5. What was the dancing name of the patient Jeff and Tamzin picked up from a club in series 27 episode 2?
  6. Which nurse bent the rules to help out long term patients Chloe and Annie in series 26?
  7. What happened in series 25 episode 1 entitled entry wounds?
  8. What was the name of the episode when Jessica and Adam nearly got married?
  9. What was the name of the footballer who got paralysed in a car accident in series 27 episode 12(out of the blue)?
  10. Which popular staff member had a heart attack but survived in series 27 episode 5?

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