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  • I got 71 percant and I want too join the army and be a army ranger when I'm 17 I'm enlisting that's in 17 months can't wait I know what its gona be like and I'm ready for it and I always payattion lol

  • Thanks for doing my quiz! Of course, I got a 100% and you should all please tell people about this.

  • 29% -- nah hsould be 0, i could never survive in the armyy...i dont pay attention well, not that strong, im a scardy cat O.o AND i break a lott of ruless!!! lol but goood quiiz

    Too me
  • I got 62%. Not bad!

  • I got 43%. Good quiz. :)
    In fact, I don't want to be in the army!!

    Netto PP

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