would you survive a zombie outbreak

Can you survive a zombie outbreak?

Created by: Logan
  1. Do you know your area.
  2. Do you own a firearm with plenty of ammo.
  3. You and your favorite pet are cornered.All the zombies want is one hunk of meat.You or your pet?
  4. You have been in your house for a long time.You see an opening to your car.Do you run for it or stay home.
  5. Your stuck under the bed with zombies all around.Your finger is infected and it probably won't make it.You see a saw next to you.What would you do.
  6. Do you have any good hiding places in your house.
  7. Can you run fast?
  8. Do you have a plan right now?
  9. Do you have a dog that barks at everything?
  10. Are you a screamer when it comes to scary things?

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