Would you survive a zombie penguin outbreak?

Zombie penguin invasions are unpredictable in nature, but when they do occour will devour everything in their path and leave a trail of horror and destruction behind the.

Only you can be prepared to defeat them. Take a couple of minutes and see what you would do, if the worst case scenario became reality. Would you survive?

Created by: mash
  1. What are the priorites while assessing risks in the Alpine environement?
  2. What weapon is most effective against an attack?
  3. What region of the world has the highest rate of zombie penguin attacks?
  4. Is zombie war ethical?
  5. A cute but zombified penguin wanders into your campsite, what do you do?
  6. What's your favourite headgear?
  7. Do you use the traffic light system?
  8. A hoard of zombie penguins are above you on a vertical rock face, what do you do?
  9. What is the German for Hospital?
  10. How fit are you?

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