Would you survive a Zombie breakout?

There are many things that could happen...like, what if there was a zombie outbreak? Are you smart enough to survive, and what will happen to you in the end?!

Now, lets start out from the very begging. You're hanging out with friends...the power goes out, you have to find safty. Becuse at the moment, you're home is not safe. Taking this quiz, which is almost like a roleplay, wll determin wheather you would survive or face death.

Created by: Cat
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  1. You are at a house alone...you're friends come in. The radio said, "Stay indoors, there is some type of outbreak. There is also a terrible storm outside."
  2. Next thing you know, the power goes out. Everyone lets out small screams...
  3. People start arguing about what to do.
  4. Next thing you know there was a small moan from outside...
  5. Everyone, to scared to go see what it was. Dicides to go get a good veiw from somewhere.
  6. You go up onto the roof (regardless of what you say)...and see, ZOMBIES!
  7. You gather up items...what's you're part?
  8. Where is the safest place to go?
  9. How do you block off all the exsits.
  10. What happens now?

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