How long can you survive a zombie outbreak?

Will you survive a zombie appocalypse? Well give this test your best try to become a survivor or a dead man walking.This quiz is made to bring out the instinct in you. So have fun and enjoy the quiz.

Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie appocalypse? Are you ready for the ultimate zombie test? Well then look no further come one come all step right up...its time to survive if your ready step up!

Created by: Mark
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  1. You have the chance to either lead the group or have another job your job would be?
  2. you are allowed one mellee weapon, what is your weapon?
  3. What would be your specialty weapon of choice?
  4. your best friend has a bite mark, your mother has a stab wound,and your wife/girlfriend has been knocked out. you only have enough supplies to fix wounds, you?
  5. you are locked in a room by the army for safety reasons but zombies have taken over the army too you?
  6. You come to the worst part of town that is filled with zombies but you are checking for survivors you?
  7. You are in desperate need of sleep and food the best place to hide out is?
  8. You have a car a gun 2 bullets and one can of food where do you go to get supplies without being spotted?
  9. you are driving a mack truck and you decide to take down some zombies what song are you listening to??
  10. Your whole family is in your house they are all infected by the zombie virus you?
  11. You are running for a half an hour you have 6 places to get away you?
  12. Do you have a first aid kit?
  13. Have you ever used a firearm?
  14. Do you own a car? if so what kind?
  15. Trick question: You are trapped behind a massive wooden fence you?
  16. how much can you lift?
  17. You hear about a zombie out break on tv what do you do first?
  18. live free or die hard?
  19. between these six cars which do you prefer to have?
  20. what is your mood if there were to be a zombie attack?
  21. who do you trust?
  22. what is more important to you?
  23. What best describes your attitude?

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Quiz topic: How long can I survive a zombie outbreak?