Zombie Survival

Welcome to the ultimate quiz of ZOMBIE SURVIVAL! This quiz will test your ability to survive a Zombie outbreak. Will you die within the first hour? or survive heroicly? Use the following information and the quiz to find out.

The Zombies are light sensitive, giving you time to gather supplies during the day. But they come out at night, in hordes of at least 20. The military is controlling the outbreak long enough for you to gather supplies. Most of the people in the place you live has left to military bases in search of protection.

Created by: Lagasu
  1. You hear on the news that there is a Zombie outbreak. What do you do?
  2. What supplies do you collect first?
  3. Which supplies would you gather last?
  4. Which supplies would you spend the most time gathering?
  5. You have a choice of three structures to take up as your fort: Apartment, small house, or large house. Which do you choose?
  6. What do you fortify first?
  7. You go into a gun store, which weapons do you grab the most of?
  8. What kind of food do you gather?
  9. You go to a car lot for a car, which one do you pick?
  10. When the Zombies come, where do you shoot from.
  11. When do you sleep?
  12. How often do you go for supplies?
  13. How often do you rebuild/improve your fortations.
  14. You decide to set up traps around your house, you...
  15. You are defending your house from a large horde and are running out of ammo, you...
  16. You have plenty of extra fortification supplies, so you...
  17. You hear on the radio that there is a safe haven 300 miles from your fort, do you go there?
  18. How naturaly athletic are you?
  19. You hear that the Zombies are almost anhialated and mankind is being restored to its civilized state, so you...
  20. Did you enjoy the Quiz? (Does not effect the answer)

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