zombie survival quiz

this quiz is to determine how well you would do in a zombie apocalypse i based it on some of the more realistic theories rather than the completly un real ones i hope like it if you have any more suggestions email me at [no emails]

are you an ideal zombie out break survivor.do you have the skills to survive untill now. in a few minutes you could know

Created by: lsand073

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  1. do you know alot about zombies(not the stereo types like they are people who have risen from the grave)
  2. have you shot a gun and/or do you know how to operate it(reload,clean,fix,put together)
  3. do you have any experience in these categories(pick the one you have the most training in)
  4. what would be your gun of choice
  5. what would be your melee weapon of choice
  6. who would you rather save
  7. best strategy
  8. best strategy to kill
  9. what to do first when you here about a zombie out break
  10. are you a team player
  11. how do you plan on getting food
  12. if you get bite what will you do
  13. one of your teammates gets bit on the finger what do you do
  14. do you think you are an ideal survivor
  15. how do you kill a large group of them
  16. best place to go when being followed
  17. you are starving and you know where a large amount of food is but its surrounded by hundreds of zombies(what to do)
  18. your team cant get along and are threatening your survival what do you do
  19. do you have the guts to kill someone
  20. wheres the best place to find guns

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