Would you rather.......part 2

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~ATTENTION~ ~PLZ READ!~ now that i've got your ATTENTION!!! I wanna let you in a on a LITTLE SECRET!! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST AWESOME-est QUIZ YOU'LL EVER TAKE!! wanna know why? CAUSE I MADE IT!! ^_^

And the reason i made this quiz is..well..mostly because im bored and have a boring life.AND YOUS WONT! Now..this quiz may be a LITTLE UN-accurate...but..you will still love IT because YOU'LL LOVE ME! well..not like that..but YOU GET THE DAMN PICTURE!! Have fun! ^_^ Plz read my parting words!! Thank you!

Created by: pkiera75

  1. Would you rather.......date or be lonely?
  2. would you rather.......sleep all day AND night or enjoy life all day AND night?
  3. would you rather.......win a trophy you deserve or give a trophy to someone who needed it more?
  4. would you rather......bully some kid who was mean to you or bully someone who you didnt like?
  5. Would you rather.......Cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend or Have your boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on you?
  6. Would you rather.......Paint a painting and give it to someone who loves painting and admires you or Paint a painting for your boyfriend/girlfriend that only likes it?
  7. Would you rather.......Steal something you could NEVER buy in your lifetime or Buy something you can get anytime you want?
  8. Would you rather.......Kiss yourself in the mirror or Kiss someone you don't even know?
  9. Would you rather.......Watch someone buy something interesting or Have someone buy you something weird but sorta fun?
  10. Would you rather.......Share something sweet or Eat something sweet all by yourself?
  11. Would you rather.......Read a love letter or Send a love letter?
  12. Would you rather.......Pull someone's hair or Pull someone around?
  13. Would you rather.......Send someone love candy or Kiss someone outta random?
  14. Would you rather.......Give someone love or Send someone love?
  15. Think were done with questions?
  16. OK. I'm done with questions!
  17. Would you rather.......Leave now or Continue?
  18. Well, if you picked continue...to bad! And did you know..that the past three question DIDn't COUNT!?! >:) Muhahah!! SUCKERS! Well, if you thought that they did count...but still!! I WIN!! WIN WHAT? I DONT KNOW!! ^_^ Im still random Kiera!!
  19. Ok...im calm!! Send me cookies in the comments..plz? Bai!!!

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