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Thank you for taking my quiz its nice that you did this pleaz post your score on the comments and rate 10 pleaz it means alot to me thank you thank you thank you

Do you know bruno mars songs are you a true bruno mars fan i know that i am thanks again little golden toes why did you take this quiz your awsome i want to marry you i love bruno mars

Created by: brunomars

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  1. Ooh i got a body full of liqiur with cocain kicker
  2. Just like the clouds my eyes will do the same if you walk away
  3. Pretty girl, Pretty girl, Pretty girl you should be smiling a girl like you should never look so blue your everything i see in my dreams and i wouldnt say that to ya if it wasnt true
  4. Moonshine take us to the stars tonight take us to that special place the place that we went last time
  5. I hope he buys you flowers i hope he holds your hand give you every hour when he has a chance
  6. Never had much faith and love for miricles never want to put my heart on the line
  7. Easy come easy go thats just how you live oh take take take it all but you never give
  8. im gonna put my feet up and stare at the fan turn my tv on throw my hand in my pants no bodys gonna tell me i cant
  9. All you young wild girls you make a mess of me
  10. so what we get drunk so what we smoke weed were just having fun and we care who sees

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