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In this quiz, you can answer some basic knowledge questions. Find out how coherently really are at the end and post results in the comments to see what other people get as well.

Are you a genius? You would never know if it wasn't for this terrific brain powered test. Take it, rate it, share it, post your answers and also help me out by doing that. Brilliant. Thanks a lot!

Created by: Abbie

  1. In the famous book called Matilda, what is the name of the boy that had to stuff a giant cake on his mouth?
  2. How often is the moon a full moon?
  3. Jaffa cakes come under what category?
  4. On One Direction, there are 5 boys. 4 are English and one is what?
  5. What are baby frogs called?
  6. What is more important?
  7. In a typical English roast dinner, what wouldn't it be completed without?
  8. What is a tomato?
  9. What do important companies use to write a letter?
  10. What is a plane?

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