Do You Know Basic English?

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So, you've come to see if you have a basic level of knowledge when it comes to English, huh? You will most likely get everything right. Probably everything.

None of the questions are hard, no, no, no, no, no! You will get a good score. 99% of everyone will, I guess. This is not difficult. We'll see if you get a good score!

Created by: The14YearOldRidd
  1. Ayyyyyy, so this is the first question. A spelling one, yeah, let's see if you can do that! So, spell this correctly: Cronalojicol
  2. Hey, you did it! Probably. So, a grammar question, yeah! What's the problem with this sentence: I hate the person who made this quiz, shouted Sarah. (Don't listen to her)
  3. So, third question, huh? Okay, here we go then. What's an uppercase letter for?
  4. Lemme stop you right there. This one is probably the easiest. If you get this wrong, you are deeply stupid. Okay. Here we go. Spell this correctly: Wat
  5. Woah, we're halfway there! Woah!
  6. So, don't hate me after that last one. Here, I'll make it up to you! What does a period stand for? (Don't say what I think you'll say. Get your damn mind out of the gutter)
  7. If you put what I think you put for the last one, so help me... Anyway, here's number 7! What's a subordinate clause?
  8. Got a bit lazy with the last one. So I'll be lazy with these. Uhhh, who wrote Harry Potter?
  9. This is stupid. Anyway, what language do people from England speak? (The hint is in the title)
  10. FINALLY! Okay, so a hard one. Spell this right: Zenafowbia

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