The Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Rule Book

This is the key formula of dueling! The only new thing here is Snychro summoning, which is pretty big, it's a basic over view of dueling so you know what your doing, now you just need cards and an opponet!!

If you are interested in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, go to to watch season one in english dubb. If you want the rest of the seires, it's in Japanese so to get those episode in english sub check out MrPrisman on Youtube! He has great quality in HD.

Created by: Yusei Fudo of Abcd
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  1. Your Turn consistes of 6 phases the phases in order are-
  2. You Can Normal summon 1 monster per turn.
  3. You can special summon as many times as you want on your turn.
  4. You have to attack your opponets monsters befor you can attack him.
  5. If your monster destroyed your opponets defence position monster he takes no damage.
  6. If your opponets defence position monster has more defence points than your monsters attack point, you take damage equal to the difference in you attack and his defence points.
  7. If you attack an opponets monster that has less attack points, he takes damage equal to the diffence in attack points.
  8. If your oppents monster has more attack points than your monster, you take damage equal to the difference in attack points and your monster is destroyed.
  9. A monster card can be in face "up" defence mode, or face "down" defence mode.
  10. A special summon uses the effect of a spell, trap, or effect monsters effect to summon a monster.
  11. In order to snychro summon a snychro monster, you need a tunner monster.
  12. To summon a level Eight Stardust Dragon, you add the levels of your monsters plus your tunner.
  13. On your turn you can play spell cards from your hand.
  14. When is is your opponets turn, you can play a spell card or trap card form your hand.
  15. You can activate a trap card on your opponets turn.
  16. An equip card only equips for one turn, unless the card says so.
  17. A continuous trap, spell, equip card stays on the field unless removed by a card effect.
  18. (BONUS) Do you think you can become the next king of games if you follow the rules and believe in the heart of the cards?
  19. Are you interested in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game?
  20. Did you have fun learning the rules?

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