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  • If you're wondering, here's a description of my room:

    Carpet: Green and Brown
    Window: Covers most of the wall
    Computer table: With a bookshelf and drawers
    Bedspread: Black, Brown and Tan
    Bed: Golden, Brown, Black and Silver
    Curtains: Brown and Tanned
    Walls: Green and Tanned
    Paintings on my walls
    Art supplies and Books

    Wooden Bridge
  • this is my room:
    carpet- two with many patterns
    window- covers most of the wall

    computer table- a rectangular one with drawers and a small cabinet

    bedspread- purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, white, black

    bed- purple
    curtains- white lace
    walls- light purple

    posters, a photograph, and paintings; also piano awards on my walls

    books, stuffed animals, there's a long list of stuff in my room

    did I miss something?

    Book lover
  • my room without all my stuff isn't that interesting. but i made it interesting with my laptop, 2 radios, nintendo, notebooks to draw in, webkinz collection, i-pod.

    Kiki rocks
  • My mom is finally letting me paint my room. Its going to be dark blue.


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