Would you be my, BFF, BF, or Enemy?

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Yeah, I love making these, and this one is about meeting new people, I'm such a hippy plus nobody reads these...

Comment if you read this :P

Created by: Emily Horan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. OK....first question, oh wait yea....i should just do the question right?? What do you think of me so far?
  2. Ok sorry about that stupid question...oh I'm doing it again aren't I???? Anyways, what is you hobby?
  3. Ok if you play a sport, what do you play?(here comes skiing!!!)
  4. Pet Peeves?
  5. Favorite musical Group? (PLEASE SAY ONE DIRECTION FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE MY BFFL!!!!) Yah I need a sedative.....I think...no I know I do....:D
  6. Who is your favorite One Direction dude? (Say Niall and you're dead, he's ma baby) Yes Yes I know I'm a creep trolling the internet asking guys who they're fav. 1D guy is...
  7. Are you into girls with reddish brownish hair (ginger I got no soul) with blue eyes and freckles???
  8. What is you're personality type?
  9. Do you like/love Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Le miserable (i am a horrible speller srry guys)
  10. ok are you bored yet?
  11. So what do you think of me now huh? (Wanna go haters?? LOL You should see me on halloween, screaming wanna go at cars going down the street) I swear I'm not on drugs ;)
  12. Ok a few more questions. Do you swear?
  13. OK what do you wannaa be?
  14. Ok thats it you flobby wanded dementor boggerer(look it up "Potter Puppet Pals Wizard Swears)

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