Would you be my friend or enemy ?

If you're my friend we would hang out all the time and I know all the best places to hang out stick with me bud I'll hook you up just don't smack talk my friends If you're my enemy I WILL DESTROY YOU I have a tough mind and I'm tough don't mess with me don't provoke me and never ever ever try to start drama with me.

Everybody is unique but some people go well together. They are easy bonders and like to hang out together. Then again there are people who despise eachother aka enemies. Finally, there are neutrals who don't really hate or like each other. Would you be my friend, enemy, or neural. Take this quiz to find out. It's mainly based on behavior and personalities with a couple interests included. Just take this quiz to see how alike we are.

Created by: IcyDesignns
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're insanity level is
  2. What is you're favorite color?
  3. Describe yourself in one word .
  4. Hair ?
  5. Where do you live ?
  6. Age Again Please ?
  7. And You're Gender ?
  8. Favorite Sport ?
  9. Favorite Show ?
  10. How Many Friend Do You Have ?
  11. You're Name Starts With A...
  12. Rate ? ( Does Not Count . )
  13. Comment ? ( Does Not Count . )

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