Would you and your crush make a cute cuple?

There's always that time when you think, "would we make a cute cuple?" "Do my friends think we'ed make a ute cuple?" "AHHHH! Idk idk idk!" Well, no

Need to worry any more! You can find out by taking this quiz! I swear it's very acurette! just go ahead! Don't be nervus! I mean, t his is ONLY a quiz

Created by: BOb
  1. First off, do your friends think you'ed make a cute cuple?
  2. What's you're hights? *=girl #=boy
  3. What's you're personality?
  4. Do you like each other?
  5. Does he/she know you like her/him
  6. How much older are they from you?
  7. Are you like, best friends?
  8. Do you listen to the same music?
  9. Do YOU think you'ed be a cute cuple?
  10. What's his personality?
  11. When you look at each other where does he/she look?
  12. How often do you flirt?
  13. 1 Do you want him/her 'cause you think they're cute and you want to hg him/her and kiss him/her? 2 Or because you want to hang out with them all the time?
  14. is he/she easy to talk to?
  15. How maney times do you think about him/her?

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Quiz topic: Would you and my crush make a cute cuple?