Do I really like him or not?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but how will you know if you like the fish you caught? I'm referring to a crush, by the way. What's a crush? It's when you like someone. But do you really like him?

Do you think you have a crush? Major crush? Just a friend? Is he your dream guy? You sure? How powerful is your crush? Is it a crush at all? Don't know? Better take this quiz to make sure ; )

Created by: alexandria heiser
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  1. Do you find yourself thinking about him?
  2. Do you talk to him every chance you get?
  3. When you see him, you run up and say hi...
  4. You complimen/congradulate him when something good happens to him
  5. When he talks to you, do you feel different?
  6. When he's talking to you and one of his friends come and he completely ignores you, does that bug you?
  7. When he looks like he's having fun with another girl, do you feel jealous?
  8. Do you cry becuz you feel like he doesn't like you?
  9. Do you try stuff he likes so you'll have more in common?
  10. Where you thinking of a single person throughout this quiz? Be honest.. ;)

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