I am in need of help. What should I do about my crush?!

I have a crush, and I took a risk, and I think I made a bad one. People say that if stuff doesn't work out, get over it, their are plenty more fish in the sea.

But thats harder for me. I dont see people everyday (homeschool) and I only rlly see friends from church! So do you guys have advice for how to regain this friendship?

Created by: Ardeo9999
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  1. So I have a crush on this guy, Nate. He is younger than me, and recently he's begun to email me more often and seemed interested in what I had to say.
  2. I've been so haapy lately! I only see him once or twice a week. We dont go to the same school. He was talking to me more often, like good friends do, etc. So a couple weeks back my friends know I like him, and they were teasing me about him.
  3. We were at church and my sister and friend put our initials in a heart. Except there is this Lord of the Rings special writing code I searched online and write in it. now all my friends use it too cuz i gave it to them. And Nate can read it too. Thats the code they used to write our initials together. By the time I realized they had written our names like that on the chalkboard, he was already in their decoding it for himself!
  4. He frowned at his sister who was laughing with everyone else and walked out of the room. Thats when I came in and got super embarrassed.
  5. So we've been emailing. I've been happy. So I got to thinking, what if he liked me back? I got all daring and decided to take a risk. One I'm regretting now!
  6. I said in one email, (becuz he did t seem angry or embarrassed about wat happened a few weeks back) 'ya im still surprised you dont hate me after my friends put our initials in a heart that week' and then he replied.
  7. 'What'
  8. That was scary for me because that is what he said half the time in our emails before we got to know eachother that well. Its so blunt. Before, his emails were so much more enthusiastic.
  9. So this is where you come in. Does he think I like him now, and I've scared him away by saying this too early in the game? Or is he shocked, cuz he likes me too? Orr is he just embarrassed becuz he only wanted to be friends?
  10. Please comment! I need advice on this. I have emailed him back already by telling him I was sorry for bringing that up and that I guessed I would probably never get another email from him again! And he hasnt sent me an email since saying 'What'

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