would u survive an apocalpse

werewolfs,vampires,zomies,and aliens?! sounds pretty bad. find out if you survive in this quiz. are you doomed to the werewolf king? or will the zombie lord kill you and your friends? find out

this is no ordinary quiz. this quiz is plain hard and long. short and sweet. period. do you have what it takes to survive the monster apocalypse? find out

Created by: wolfman1

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  1. werewolfs, zombies, vampires, and aliens have banded together to take over the planet.which one is more dangerous?
  2. which do you specialize in killing
  3. what is your plan?
  4. you need a hidin spot. you decide on:
  5. there are 5 other people with you. they are Drew your best friend, Bella your secret crush, Synthia the policewoman, Mark the special opps member, Jason the doctor, and Edwin the pilot. there are 4 rooms and seven of you. who will you share a room with?
  6. 2 days pass. a werewolf pack is sighted coming to your hiding spot. you:
  7. during the battle you kill 13 werewolfs. a larger one charges you and pens you to the ground nashing its teeth.you:
  8. what possition are you?
  9. the battle is over. your sharing a room with your crush. there is only one bed. you:
  10. it is the middle of the night. you are sleepng when you hear the lookout yell "WE GOT VAMPS!!!". not good. you:
  11. there are 57 vampires left. the sun is just about to rise in about 10 minutes.but your all extremley tired. you:
  12. you are bitten by the last vampire. nobody notices. you:
  13. you decide to ignore it. the aliens have now become the issue.they arent yet in the area, but you predict it will take about 3 days for them to find you. you find some survivors who want to join you. they are Jonathan the wrestler, Timoty the gun shop owner, Ashly the lawyer, and Jim the scientist. you take:
  14. it is night, and your vampire bite is swelling. Its now or never:
  15. You tell your crush. she feels somewhat sorry for you. But she doesnt go tell. but that night, you are letting out shrieks and turning pale. your crush is getting uneasy. she wants to help. you:
  16. its morning and the aliens have made progress towards you. they are about 26 hours away. but there are 137 of them. and only 10 of you. you:
  17. the aliens do come eventually. the battle is fierce. two of your troops die. they are:
  18. along with the two deaths, Bella is also bitten by an alien and is at risk of being turned into one. you:
  19. you get bella the cure. now the zombies are searching for meat. this is the largest of the group but the least dangerous. they are 12 hours away with 214 of them. you:
  20. the zombies have come. the battle is 1 hour. one of your members die. it is:
  21. there are seven or six of you left. Jim and Jon and Drew and Mark all go out to look for supplies. its been 3 days and they havent come back. you:
  22. the werewolfs and aliens have created an alience are coming to stop you. there are 37 werewolfs and 59 aliens. The Vampires come to you and offer to help kill the werewolfs in exchange for your deer for blood. theres 32 of them. you:
  23. you are in the middle of the battle when Drew, and the others rush out of the forest to join you. the werewolfs are retreating and there are 5 aliens left. you:
  24. the vampires have joined you. 5 aliens have joined you. the zombies are nearly dead. the remaining aliens have fled. all thats left now are the werewolfs. 2 nights after Drews return, the wolfs are back. but theres only 2 of them. its a scouting party. you:
  25. 13 hours later at about noon, the werewolf king has come with the remaining 473 werewolfs. its seven humans and 225 vamps fighting them. things look grim. you:
  26. the battle has begun.1 human dies. it is:
  27. the werewolfs are retreating. you:
  28. he werewolfs have surrendured. you:

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