Would u 2 make a good couple? (Girls)

Are you friends constantly telling you that you and him would make the perfect couple! Well, very few are perfect for each other, and some people complete each other perfectly.

Are you two a part of those few perfect couples! This quiz will answer all of your questions! The quiz is easy, and some what short. Find out in just a few minutes if you two would be perfect for each other.

Created by: peppajack2000

  1. What kind of couple are you?
  2. What song would or does explain you two?
  3. Do you two have a lot in common?
  4. are you the crazy one in the relationship? or vice versa?
  5. what do you two talk about?
  6. what couple are you two most like, or would be like?
  7. do you think u 2 would make a good couple?
  8. what color eyes do you have?
  9. will he do something stupid just to get your attention?
  10. almost done... (trying to think of a question)
  11. Final question, if you do something that would embarrass him, (something big) how would he respond.

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