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  • Thaz only for Spanish people

  • @ CodySimpsonLuv

    No, Spanish is for anyone who cares to know about Spanish culture or origin. Languages aren't classified to one particualer population. It is just another way to communicate. Learning a different language can get you an education, a job, and a life. By learning Spanish, you have just broadened the area of where you can get a life. Cuz, trut me, if you went to spain and somebpdy asked you: "Hola! Me gusto dibujar. Y tu?" Or, "Tu comepleanos es...?" or, "Mi hermano es muy mal a el perro. Necesito ayuda!"

    How would you be able to live there if you couldn't talk to anyone? It wouldn't be fun. Thus, Spanish isn't just for people who live in Spain or Mexico. Spanish is for anybody who has an interest in the way things work in life.

  • Spanish is for Mexicans or Spanish people

  • Please comment ppl


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