would i date you

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hello welcome my quiz today we will find out if i would ever date you so will you get yes,no or the dreaded MAYBE let us fine out continue your journey into my quiz

SHOUTOUTS: DREAM, CRY, JEESHAN(please come back), SHADOW, KAIT and me ok we're done the shoutouts well continue your trek across this evil land of my quiz bye

Created by: eclipseT_E_C

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. hello
  2. whats your favo *ducks* rite color
  3. ok actual questions time do you mind if someone is shy(yes i am THE MORE YOU KNOW)
  4. do you mind if someone has a sister
  5. what matters more
  6. potato
  7. how old are you redux
  8. do you like me
  9. its almost over
  10. bye

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