Who should I date ~ NO!! (part 3)

Description of Avery: Avery has reddish hair covering his left eye. He likes rabbits and is obsessed with new movies. This quiz is originally called Who should I date ~ Part 3.

Kate is nervous about going back to school. Later on, she notices someone else is more nervous than her, and Kate wants to risk her life to stop the nervousness and finds out she's going to go on a magical journey soon!

Created by: Jenniferdu

  1. A few days later, I was feeling better. I decided to go to school. I was scared to leave. What if Daniel, Jake, Owen, Jason, or Avery stands outside my door, ready to kiss me the moment I got out of the door? I went down the stairs carefully and ate breakfast slowly, paying attention to everything that was happening. I went out the door, panicking. My stomach felt queasy. I opened the door and... "AAAAHHHHH!!" There stood Daniel. "What?" said Daniel. I felt foolish. "I thought about something, um, scary.." I lied. "Oh," said Daniel. "I was here to greet you," he added quickly. I stood there, frozen, deciding what to say.
  2. "So, um, I... I..." I stammered. I didnt want to tell Daniel I had concussion. "You what?"asked Daniel. I wanted to sink into the ground.I was so embarrassed. "Oh, uh, I gotta go!" I said, chuckling. I raced down the sidewalk to Johnson High as fast as I can, trying to escape anyone who wanted to date me. "Eek!" I screamed when I saw Jason. He was carrying a bunch of books. "Whoa!" he yelled. He turned around. "Katie, what are you doing?" I said back, "What are you doing with all those books?" Jason looked at the books he was holding. 2 of them had fell on the smooth sidewalk. "I was asked to help hold these books and take them to the library," he said. "I think it's a big pile. Do you want to help me?" he said with a grin. I smiled back. "Of course."
  3. I walked slowly, still afraid. "AVERY!!" Avery was walking in front of me. "Kati-- uh-- I-- I wanted--Oh, um, Kate," he said. "What do you want?" I held his hand. "I don't want anything," i replied. "Hi, Kate," said someone behind me. l knew it was Owen. He never called me Katie. Now, back to the story. I fell into Avery's arms. Avery looked back. "What's so spooky about Owen?" he asked. I was off to a very bad start.
  4. "Kate, I met Daniel and Jason along the way. They said you were acting strange. Is something bothering you?" I picked up the books I dropped. "Heh, nothing's wrong. Just a little nervous about going back to school," I replied. "Ooh, and these books are from Jason," I quickly added. I looked at my watch. I was a little late for school.i ran to school and found Jason. "Jason!" I shouted. "Your books!" I walked to him and grinned. "Thanks," he said. "Will you date me?" He smiled hopefully. With the grin still on my face, I said back, "Of course!" The only thing on my mind was how my first date would be like. What should I wear? Where will the date be? Will we be together forever?
  5. That night, we went to a newly opened fancy restaurant. We were walking and laughing, happy that we were together. Just then, someone called out to me, "KATE! You can't do this!" It was Owen. The moment I turned around, a huge gust of wind blew around me, lifting me up. It felt like a tornado. It was lifting me up, up, until it lowered me down to a stop in front of Owen. Weird, I thought. Could it be...magic? I was amazed by what nature could do. I was trying to focus. "Kate, you never know what Jason's gonna do next. He always does something crazy to me," said Owen. It made me jump. "If you would please--" "Okay," I intterrupted. "No," said Owen. "Just go. I know if you don't want me anymore." Owen slowly walked away.
  6. "Wait," I said. But it was too late. The wind lifted me up and towards Jason, leaving me alone. Tears began to well up in my eyes while I walked away from Jason, following Owen. I couldn't see him. It suddenly turned foggy. I sobbed. "I wish I hadn't dated Jason," I whispered to myself. The wind howled, and it began to drizzle. 10 minutes later, the fog dissappeared and it stopped raining. I walked home with heavy steps. Jason walked the opposing way. I went home and slammed the door to my room. "Honey," my mom said. I ignored her. I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, someone was standing outside my door. I locked it, and the person was knocking on it. "Go away," I said, trying hard not to cry. "Dear, what's wrong?" the person said. It was my mom. "I said go away!" I said harshly. The other part is from someone else's point of view. I have no idea who it is. Here it is:
  7. Do NOT tell Kate who I am. I'm Owen, and I was getting a present for Kate. I wrote on a card, "To: Kate." Then I wrote,"From: Owen." I scribbled on that. I didn't want Kate to know that it was from me. I left it on her doorstep and took a deep breath. "Okay, do it," I murmured to myself.i rang the doorbell and ran away. I watched in a hiding spot. Kate's mom got it. She sent it to Kate right away. How do I know? Well, I saw Kate's mom look at the card and ran. I thought she ran upstairs. I walked back to my house and went to my room. I went on my bed to think.
  8. Now that part is over. It's me, Katie! Please tell me who that was. Also tell me who sent me the present! Whoever did it must be so sweet. In fact, he/she must be the kindest, warmest, gentlest, sweetest person in the world. The next morning, I asked Jason if he gave me it. The answer was no. I asked Daniel, Avery, and Jake. They all answered no. I wanted to ask Owen, but I couldn't find him. Nobody saw him. I thought it was impossible for him to give me the present, but I still called him. "Please don't answer it," I heard someone say. It must be Owen's siblings or someone. At least thats what I think.
  9. "Hewoh? Hewoh?" said a voice through the phone. I giggled. "Darren, stop it!" said another voice. Someone else grabbed the phone. "Hello, Owen's mom speaking. What do you want?" "I want to talk to Owen," I said back."OWEN!" said Owen's mom. Seconds later, Owen answered. "Kate, I--" he began. "Owen,"I interrupted. "Did you send me the gift?" Owen sighed. He was about to hang up, but his mom took the phone away from him. "Also, Owen's home because he's nervous about something, and I am a good mom so I let him stay home," she said. She gave the phone back to Owen and he sighed again and hung up. Maybe he sent me the present. I sent a message to him saying "Come to school as fast as you can!" 5 minutes later, Owen arrived. He walked away and in the school. I was outside and thought he would see me there. Probably he did, but maybe he was just nervous. I chased after him. "Owen, Owen! Jaaaa......ke?" Jake was right in front of me. "Yeah, what?" asked Jake. "Have you seen Owen?" I said innocently (and hopefully, adorably, etc) "He went, he went, well, he was going so fast, I couldn't see where he was going! But I think he went there, Katie. So, I gotta go! Heh," replied Jake. I ran through the hallway at supersonic speed. Luckily, everyone was at class. I found Owen at his locker. "Owen. You gave me the gift. I know you hate me now. Good bye," I said sadly. I walked away to physics class. I kind of don't like him anymore. I was thinking a little too much...
  10. I wrote a little too much on the ninth question (really I think so)
  11. Back to the story. ...that I bumped into a wall. "Kate," said Owen. I ran away. "No," I sobbed. "This is the worst nightmare I ever had. I wish it was over." Suddenly, a sparkles flew everywhere and I teleported to a magical place. "WOW!!" I yelled. I ran through the flowery meadow, and a unicorn stood in front of me. "I'm Eunice, a wish-granting unicorn in training. It's almost my wish granting test, and I need your help!" said Eunice. "Say three wishes and I will make them come truuuue!"

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