Would I date u (girls only) (no quiers) (sorry)

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Hi I'm Charles I am a 14 year old young man and if you get a high enough score I might go out on a date with you. But he sure to leave a comment. So we can talk!

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Created by: Donut Lord
  1. Boy or girl (doesn't count towards the end result)
  2. Hair color
  3. eye colour
  4. Do you like sports
  5. Do you mind if I play sports
  6. Do you like any of these
  7. Do you like me so far
  8. Are you
  9. Are you
  10. How many years have you blessed this earth
  11. Do you believe in God? (Doesn't affect the final score)
  12. Do you like me?
  13. Make or break did you like the quiz?

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