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World Environmental Day is an annual celebration initiated by the UN in 1972. Now, the day is highlighted all over the world, and aims to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action.

The U.S. Embassy in Oslo invites all our friends and contacts to take part in this celebration by participating in this World Environmental Day Quiz. If you get a full score, you may be one of three luck winners of Al Gore's book "One Choice - A plan to solve the Climate Crisis". Good Luck!

Created by: osloIRC of U.S. Embassy Oslo on Facebook
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  1. When is World Environmental Day?
  2. When was the first World Environment Day organized?
  3. What is the theme for the 2010 World Environment Day?
  4. What city is the global host for 2010 World Environment Day?
  5. Who is Todd Stern?
  6. What is the Montreal Protocol?
  7. What are “smart growth” neighborhoods?
  8. If the American appetite for “smart growth” neighborhoods continues, there could be a percentage drop in transportation-related emissions, one study has found. What is this percentage drop?
  9. What iconic animal did President Roosevelt help save in the early 1900s, by creating a protected habitat for this animal?
  10. What is the group "Partners in Flight"?

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