The Mysteryous Norwegian Language Quiz!

This is an easy quiz for people who want to discover the Norwegian language! A few words and expressions can be helpful in Oslo even if everyone speaks English here!

Norwegian can be difficult to understand, but a few words and expressions can help you charming your way in Oslo even if every Norwegian speaks fluent English! Try this quiz!

Created by: VisitOSLO of VisitOSLO
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  1. How do you say Thank You in Norwegian?
  2. What does "Ostehøvel" means?
  3. What does a Norwegian mean when he/she says: "To pils, takk!"
  4. "Det var koselig!" means...
  5. What does a Norwegian eat when he/she eats "pølse i lompe"?
  6. "Sinnataggen" is a statue by Gustav Vigeland that can be seen at the Vigelandparken in Oslo. What does "Sinnataggen" mean?
  7. What do you get when you order a Lutefisk in Norway?
  8. When is Lille Julaften in Norway?
  9. "Ha det bra!" means...
  10. "Jeg elsker Oslo!" means...

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