So do you think you know Oslo?

This quiz is about Oslo, the Capital of Norway. It's a mix of easy questions to check how much you know about our city, its attractions, events and people. Try this quiz, and you'll have the answer!

Are YOU a real Oslo expert? How much do you know about our city, its attractions, events, symbols and people? Try this easy quiz, and you'll have the answer!

Created by: MyOslo
  1. Which one of these music festivals is arranged in Oslo every year in June?
  2. Which one of these parks in Oslo host many sculptures by a famous Norwegian artist?
  3. Which museum is currently hosting an exhibition with one of the most amazing fossiles ever found?
  4. In which area of the city you can find many trendy pubs and clubs?
  5. Which one of these shows is currently a huge success at Folketeateret in Oslo?
  6. What's the name of the city card in Oslo that allows you to use public transport and includes entrance to museums and attractions, discounts on sightseeing tours and activities, and much more?
  7. Which one of these football teams play at the new Telenor Arena in Fornebu, near Oslo?
  8. What is the name of the current mayor of Oslo?
  9. How many underground (t-bane) lines can you use in Oslo?
  10. How many people live in Oslo? (2008 statistics)

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Quiz topic: So do I think you know Oslo?