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Hi! This is just an anouncement to inform you! I probably wont do this often but its just to help you guys. If you don't like it say it in my comments and I probably wont do this ever again.

Please don't be mean about my qotes......I thought up a bunch and had to get them out of my mind and out there after all these years not talling people these! Sorry if it a lot......

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. Hi! This is my first anoucement! I'm going to be doing this at least twice or three times a week.
  2. Well sometimes when I make a quiz it doesn't show up on th new quiz list. Like Love Found at Sea part 7. Thats out. It didn't show up on the new quiz list and no one has taken it. Not even one......
  3. So the anouncement wont be just about gotoquiz stuff either. I might put some news stuff in here too....Like when a book or movie is coming out and stuff. But this will not be an acutal news station
  4. So first anouncment! Take Beautiful Secrets! The maker's birthday is coming up! She wants her series on the first page! Please help! Just go to comments pages on quizes and tell them to take it and tell others to take it. Take it also too. Its really good. Better then what mine would ever be. None of my stuff is compared to heres. Not kidding. I don't kid around.
  5. Another anouncement! Sometimes my quizes don't show up on the new quiz list. So if your looking for a new part just go to my gotoquiz user page. It should have everything that I made on this site. Okay?
  6. Also this is not a gotquiz related anouncment! Final Fantasy will be out Febuary of 2012! It will be for $60's I think. I havn't been at a video game store for a while. There is also a trailer of it on youtube! Just type Final Fantasy 13-2 trailer. Go to the ones thats called new adventures trailer. If you want to see it.
  7. Thats about it for now. So the rest will be .......okay? Or qotes that I made up for myself to keep going with these quizes!
  8. "Everything in war has two sides. Both with stupid and good reasons. But to fully understand a war you need to know both sides not just one before you choose a side."
  9. "If theres a will theres a way"
  10. "Theres a reason for everything. A death of a loved one, finacial wrongs, accidents. But they are all a test not only for others but for yourself given by God. You have to understand it why it happened"
  11. "Theres hope even in the smallest things. Cause it can cause so much impact."
  12. "Whenever there seems to only be evil. Good will rise up against it. Either big or small but it'll burn the evil away."
  13. "Never give up in what you belive in."
  14. "Learn from the past and try not to make the smae mestakes again. For a better and brighter future."
  15. "One soul will cause a thought. That thought will turn into beliefs. Those beliefs become words. Words become action. One small word or idea can become somthing amazing."
  16. "Miricles are not just cause by God or angels. They can also be cause by us ourselves who belive in them. We may make miricles and we might not even know it"

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