Wolf Boys part 1

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I. Am. Just. Going. To. Do. This. Even. Though. I'm. Wolfgrl. The. Guys. Are. All. Yours. Don't. Worry. Comment. And. Rate. Okay? So. How's. The. Weather.

Created by: wolfgrl45

  1. So, here's some basic info about your character. Name: Nikki Alvarez. Looks: Short, choppy black hair, deep purple eyes, pale skin, freckles over nose. Town: Saltsburg, Pennsylvania.
  2. I woke up to sunlight in my face. "Wake up!" I mom called. "It's the first day of school!"
  3. I went downstairs and had breakfast. Then I hurried to the bus stop and sat with my best friend, Lisa.
  4. "Check out the new guys," Lisa whispered to me. I looked where she was pointing and saw five guys. The first one had silvery white blonde hair and yellow-green eyes.
  5. The second had black hair and green eyes.
  6. The third had brown hair and green eyes.
  7. The fourth had black hair with gray sprinkles and blue eyes.
  8. The last one had red hair and yellow eyes.
  9. At school, I had no classes with the new boys, so I didn't see them till lunch. I was in the lunch line when the boy with red hair grabbed me and pulled me down behind the trash can. Then-
  10. When I woke up, the first things I saw were six wolves. . .
  11. A silver one with gold eyes, a brown one with green eyes, a black one with green eyes, a gray one with blue eyes, a red one with yellow eyes, and a white one with silver eyes.
  12. The wolves morphed into people: the five boys and Lisa. The silver guy said, "I'm Connor." The black wolf-guy said, "Max." The brown wolf guy said, "Jason." The gray wolf guy said, "Byron." the red wolf guy said, "Tom."
  13. "What the heck is going on?" I asked. Max tried to answer, but suddenly. . .

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