wizards of waverly place quiz

there are many people who think they have it...but do they...are you really clever to find out about this quiz? this quiz is very easy only if you know your stuff

Do YOU have what it takes to do this quiz?? do you know YOUR wizards of waverly place stuff... do you think you can get 100% on this quiz?? if you think you can take the quiz and find out

Created by: natasha

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is alex russo's real name?
  2. what is justin russo's real name?
  3. what is max russo's real name
  4. what are alex's parent's names
  5. who's considered the good one in the family?
  6. who's the trouble maker in the family?
  7. who is the clueless one out of the family?
  8. What's your fav. color (i ran out of questions...sorry!)
  9. Did u like my first quiz ever
  10. well....bye

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