Wizards Of Waverly Place

Test your knoledge on the quiz will you beat it or will you lose? Are you a Geeky Fan, or a person with no tv? this will tell you, so give it a try or whirl!

who are you mostly like? Justin, Alex, Max or a stranger who has no idea whats going on? All you have to do is anserw 12 questions and find out what sort of fan are you?

Created by: Emma Evans

  1. Who will win the Family Wizard contest?
  2. who is Alexs best friend?
  3. Do the Russos have a pet?
  4. How many Russo Family Members are there?
  5. Who lives in there house?
  6. which city do they live in?
  7. where is the wizards lair?
  8. What was the name of justins girlfriends, parents shop?
  9. is Alex a boy or girl?
  10. What is their moms name?

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