how well do you know wizards of waverly place

please do my quiz its of course about wizard of waverly place and its pretty easy so I hope that you will be able to do it have fun ya hear :D:):D:):)

i hope this quiz is not so hard for you but i don't think it will be that hard for you cause i think your gonna do an amazing job i hope i see you there :D

Created by: thegirlwhat

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  1. who plays as alex?
  2. who plays as max?
  3. who plays as justin?
  4. who plays as jerry?
  5. who's the trouble maker in wizards of waverly place?
  6. who was alex's second boy friend?
  7. what was justin's first creation?
  8. what was justin's vampire girlfriend's name?
  9. who got far ahead in season 4 episode 1?
  10. who was the first to find out the russo's were wizards?
  11. Why did Alex not turn into a werewolf when Mason kissed her?
  12. What color was Alex's shirt on the Halloween special?
  13. what was max's secret girlfriend's name?
  14. what did max call himself as a superhero for catching deli robbers?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wizards of waverly place