Wings of Fire-Adventure(& love?) part 1

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Hi! This is a roleplay quiz. In this part, the quiz will tell you you your best friend is. SOme doesn't make ANY sense AT ALL so know that. next paraghragph contains all information on this quiz. Plz read it. Plz. And you should also know that the Leafwings settled in the north-west part of Pantala, in the forest above of Beetle Lake. Sapwings and Poisonwings divided, and each have a queen- Sapwings have Queen Maple, the Poisonwings have Queen Latana. Sapwings and Poisonwings have seperate kingdoms, and they are allied together. The silkwings got a new queen- Queen Blossom, and their kingdom is near Dragonfly Bay, on the penninsula of the dragon tail(Dragon tail Penninsula). ALl the hives are gone, and the Hivewings have a new queen- Queen Jewel. The Hivewing kingdom is located on the dragon leg pennisula, Where Jewel hive was located. It had passed about 3 human monthes since Flames of Hope ended.(On WoF timeline)

You got a message from JMA.(Jade mountain academy) It said, 'Hi! I'm Sunny, the head of recruitment. And now, we decided to expand the school! Now there will be 3 Pantala Dragons, all pyrrhian dragons(One from each tribe), and a hybrid. There is 7 Winglets, and 2 teachers will be assigned for each winglet. School starts in January, so be there! Hope you'll consider coming!-Sunny' Now, you look like Sundew, and your name is Ivy. Your a Poisonwing, and the daughter of Queen Sequoia. You have pouches of plants(like Sundew) and your a leafspeak. So have fun! (PS. SOrry if nothing fits anything in the original book series. I only read until book 12. So....)

Created by: CyrstalHawk

  1. First, read the intro.
  2. Okay. (Timeskip) you land near the school entrance. A nightwing is there( in front of the entrance), smiling. You head to the entrance and you get a map(of the school), a key(for your cave), a scroll(of dragons and the winglets, subjects of the school, teachers,etc.), and a card(To identify you). You step in and the main hall sushed. Everyone looked at you. *blink blink* then everyone started talking again. 'Weird'. You sit down on the bench near you and study the map. Then you shove the map into you empty pouch and walk along the corridors. From the main hall was 11 corridors. One with jade talon prints(all talon prints were enchanted to not be stolen), one with silver talon prints, one with gold talon prints, one with quartz talon prints, one with turqiuoise talon prints, one with sapphire talon prints, one with black talon prints(Teacher's dorms), one with scroll color talon prints(Learning-like art, music, prey center, library, history), Stone-colored talon prints(Stonemover's cave), glass talon prints(exploring- the way out, up, down). You followed the silver talon prints because you in the silver winglet. *it's getting tiresome to read,isn't it? I'll cut it now, then.*
  3. You step inside the corridor and find your room. on the two walls, (the halls are wide,) are 5 rooms- 2 on the right and 2 on the left. The room next to you says: room SR1-Sunshine the rainwing and Bumblebee the Hivewing. the room on your left says: SL1-Roadrunner the Sky/Sand and Iceberg the Icewing. You go to your room. It says: Ivy the Leaf(Poison)wing, Brightstar the Nightwing, and Sahara the Sandwing. The room across says: Cocoon the silkwing and Abyss the seawing, and Agate the Skywing. You put the key into the keyhole of your room and you open the door to reveal two dragons grappling. One you recognized as a Sandwing and another Sandwing. You...
  4. Either way, before you could do anything, know that One was screaming "Get away from me!!" The other was screaming "Pay for what you did to me!" He pinned the other sandwing down. "For what you did to me... Sahara, i'll make you pay. I'll make sure you do." He cackled. "I'm THE one and only Anubis. You'll kneel down before me. I'll make you." Sahara, the dragon who was pinned down, finally spotted you.She looked at you hopefully. Sigh, you had to do something. What do you do again?
  5. You decided to(Quiztaker: I knew it!) use one of your smokebombs. The bigger dragon(Anubis?)didn't still notice you. You quickly reached into you pouch and take out a flower. you squash the pistil part. Smoke instantly explodes, and the room is filled with smoke instantly. Anubis? Jumps back from Sahara. Using the chance, you grab Sahara and guide her to the door. Right after Sahara comes out, you slam the door behind you and lock it. That all happened in less than 10 seconds. Sahara smiled. Sorry about Anubis. He has some kind of revenge plot against my mother. I'm Sahara by the way. My brother is also here-Coyote is in the Gold winglet. And you are...."
  6. "Well, thanks again for saving me. Let's go tell the teachers about Anubis." You nodded. You looked at Sahara. She was a bit brown, with tan scales and pale underbelly. She had a gold earing with a transperant diamond on the end. A gold necklace with the desert dunes and cactuces carved into the middle was studded with a black diamond. 'Simple, but bit more rich-looking. hmm... she's a royal. Most people have either a earing or a necklace. She's a royal, but more simple then others-like Auklet or Anemone. Even Owlet-the only duaghter of queen ruby-has more jewlary then her. The only queen who wouldn't send her royals with only an earing and a necklace-Queen Thorn.' And yes, as you thought, students started mummering. You could hear fragments-"Isn't she queen thorn's-" "She's he yonger sister of Sunny-" Then Sahara nudged you."Sunny."She whispered. Sunny turned and saw you and Sahara. She beamed. "Sahara! You're finally here! Mother said not to put me as your head teacher, so Tsunami said she'd do it. How's school?" Sahara lowered her voice. "SO far so good, except that Anubis tried to kill me. We trapped him in our cave, but we don't know that happened. Sunny, please go get…
  7. Anyway, you went back to the cave to check on Anubis, and Sahara went to get Peril. When you came to your cave, you found the door shattered into thousand pieces and a dragon inside. an icewing... When you stepped into you room, his head jerked suddenly and look you in the eye. You froze in terror. His eyes were as white as pearls. And he slowly stepped towards her. "YOU... AREN'T SAHARA." an odd voice came out."BUT I COULD STILL KILL YOU." the dragon opened his mouth. Before you could react, you saw a deadly frost breath heading strait for your mouth.... when you were suddenly jerked away into the darkness.
  9. Just know that some results have characters NOT introduced in this quiz, so know that. Bye~
  10. I need 10 questions!!!!!!!!!! Arrgh. Spoiler: Animus-S_____, G_____. Evil schemes-A_____, R_____. Speacial powers-B_________, J_____, YOU.

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